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Effects of Divorce

Divorce rates have never been as high as they are today, and it seems like marriage is an institution that is on its way out. More and more often, couples get seemingly disposable marriages, staying together for a few years and then parting without a second thought. High-powered divorce attorneys helped convince would-be divorcees they getting out of marriage is the most lucrative and beneficial option, but people seldom weigh the effects of divorce. There are many […]

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Your Divorce Checklist For When You Part Ways After 50

When Al and Tipper Gore let the world know about a year ago that they were finally throwing in the towel, it wasn’t a bit of a surprise to a generation of baby boomers who were in the middle of such a transition themselves. The baby boomer generation is reappraising its marital commitments at an overwhelming pace. The New York Times just reported a couple of months ago that conservative rural communities in places like Iowa that […]

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Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce

Today, many marriages are found to be ending in divorce. Marriage is a start of relation, while divorce is an end. After passing of few days or months of married, life, some conflicts and bitterness may get started. Sometimes, the couple began to think about the divorce. However, divorce changes social trends and causes adverse effects for the both the partners. Hence, it is always recommended to save marriage stop divorce. Marriage has a great importance in […]

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