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Can You Save A Marriage Alone?

The unfortunate question asked by the plenty of people. Today, many couples are facing some or the other problems in their married life. The first few years of married life are cheerful, but after some years, problems may arise due to conflicts along with bitterness and some misunderstanding. Generally, nobody directly thinks of breaking a marriage as it is hurting to both the partners. Every couple tries to find out some ways to resolve the problems in […]

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Healing Relationships

The Discovery Channel and the Animal Planet always been partial to those little segments about how guide dogs help blind people through life; they show you about how trained dogs can help deaf people take notice when the doorbell rings or when the smoke alarm goes off; and there are dogs that can sense and tell you about an impending heart attack or an elliptic seizure and to take medicine to prevent it. There are so many […]

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Relationship Break Up Advice

Learning when to and a relationship is one of the most difficult things I have had to do. Growing up, I was somewhat of a serial dater. I absolutely had to be in a relationship all the time, because I really enjoyed the feeling of companionship. I didn’t have the best taste in women, however, and was constantly receiving unwanted relationship breakup advice from my friends and family members. In general, I was good humored about it; […]

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